Meet the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a self-programming thermostat that learns your habits and automatically adjusts your home’s temperature based on your life. Within a week the Nest thermostat learns what temperatures you like and programs itself to accommodate your schedule and temperature preferences. The Nest thermostat’s dynamic sensor capabilities also allows it to manage humidity and monitor the weather to provide a custom climate for your home. Nest senses when nobody is home and automatically switches to an energy efficient mode to help you save on your energy bill.

By simply connecting the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi, you can control it from anywhere through the Nest app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With the app you can review your energy history and report, and if you choose a temperature that conserves energy, the Nest Leaf will pop up notifying you of an energy-saving temperature adjustment. The Nest app also sends you notifications alerting you if the temperature goes above or below the set Safety Temperatures, if the Furnace Heads-Up detects a problem with your forced air heating system, and when you need to change the air filter.

The latest feature that the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat has to offer is Farsight. When Nest spots you across the room, the display lights up to show you the temperature, time, or weather. Overall, the Nest Thermostat’s home automation features, user-friendly design, and their mobile app makes it one of the best thermostats for your home. So for those who live in South Florida looking to save on your energy bill, GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc. offers the Nest Thermostat and installation to their clients.

Who We Are

We are GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc, a South Florida based company focused on bringing you and your family comfortable, cool air. We are proud to offer service to a variety of air conditioning systems, as we always have a range of skilled technicians on the job. Your home cooling system is complex and needs regular care, so we offer maintenance, installation, and repair services. Our company services all of the South Florida area, and we’re always just a phone call away.

Why Go Green?

Air conditioning units account for 5% of all electricity used in the United States, collectively emitting over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Modern HVAC products are some of the most efficient choices for home cooling today, because they use less electricity and produce less carbon emissions. By choosing EnergyStar rated products, we can help lessen the effects of carbon dioxide in the environment and our planet.